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Crowded cities and towns have one good thing about them, you can listen to your favorite radio station when you’re stuck in traffic on your way to work. But when it comes to parking, not so much, is it? The Parkk app is here to solve all that. Parkk has a simple and user-friendly interface where you can add the parking spots around the city, and people can book a spot before they even get there. Early planning means no more hassle, and no driving around the block looking for a free spot.

Tools to Help Maximize
Your Revenue

- Reduce expenses related to coin collection
- Mitigate traffic issues
- Skip the meter line to easily extend your time

Why cities will love Parkk

Truck Parking

Analytics + Reporting

Get detailed analytics and periodic reports on users parking preferences and your revenue. Make your service better and plan your parking fares the right way.

Fleet Parking

Cost Reduction

Chuck the bulky and expensive parking meters and forget about collecting the coins afterwards. All bookings and payments run through the app, reducing costs.

Bus Parking

Cross-Platform Integration

There’s another app in town? Well, that’s okay! Parkk works seamlessly with every other platform on the market with ICal sync for synchronizing booking calendars.

RV Parking

Congestion Control

Effective curb management and early allocation of parking spots improve traffic congestion, accessibility to the city, and transit reliability.

Event Parking

Visitor Satisfaction

Quick and easy parking space booking and an easy-to-use user-interface means that your visitors will get the best, most convenient service possible. Smiling faces is what we’re here for, right?

Airport Parking

Maximize Revenue

The Parkk app allows you to set dynamic pricing to your parking spaces according to the time of day, vehicle, and traffic. Additionally, the app practically eliminates the need for parking meters, maximizing your revenue.

Parkk Puts the
Power in your hands

ParkMobile's platform enables you to efficiently manage your municipality's parking while revenue potential and keeping visitors happy. Experience a single, easy-to-use web-based solution that gives you smarter way to run parking in your city.

- Inventory Management
- Policy and Rate Management
- RV Parking
- Reporting and Analytics


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